Materials - Amuneal: Magnetic Shielding & Custom Fabrication
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Our expertise with a diverse range of materials and processes makes us a tremendous resource to you. We are able to advise you on the most appropriate materials to deliver the physical, functional, and aesthetic characteristics of your designs.

With nearly half a century in custom metal fabrication, we have earned a reputation for expertise in working with steel, bronze, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. However, we have spent the last 10 years expanding our knowledge in a broad range of materials to support our customers’ integrated projects. Today we work on thousands of projects a year, that incorporate dozens of materials in hundreds of finishes. We routinely fabricate millwork, hardwoods, blown, cast and fused glass, plastic, cast resins, Fiberglas, concrete, leather, plaster, and a range of upholstered products.

Our customers have come to rely on Amuneal’s material knowledge and expertise. We are a great partner to help develop the right materials for your projects, and we generously support these efforts with extensive material exploration and sampling program.

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