Frequently Asked Questions

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I like this photo of your product but I'm not sure how to get started?
Contact us and include the name and photo of the item(s) you would like pricing for. Our contact form has a spot for uploading web links and files, so feel free to submit any inspiration images or products you have been eyeing. We can provide budgetary “as shown” pricing to give you a general idea, or if you know the exact dimensions + finishes you would like, send that information and we will provide a custom proposal! All of our products are made to order in Philadelphia and can be customized by size, finish, and configuration, so if you would like something as shown with some changes, please send one or both of the following:

  • Photo references from our catalog, website, or social media channels – a screenshot or link works just fine!
  • If you are looking to customize a product, please include notes, a drawing or sketch with dimensions, and desired finishes.

What's your lead time?
Since everything is made to order, our lead-times will vary depending on the complexity of the project. We break up our lead-times in two parts: first is the lead-time for “Shop Drawings,” followed by the lead-time for production. The lead-time for shop drawings for Amuneal designs (customized to your configuration, finishes, specific details) is typically 5-7 weeks. Because the approval process of our shop drawings sometimes relies on site specific information, we assume that it can take several days, weeks and sometimes months to confirm and approve our shop drawings. However, when we do receive approval on shop drawings, our typical lead-time for production is 10-18 weeks depending on the complexity of the project. Each of our proposals will detail the lead-times for your projects. Please keep in mind that if lead-time is a driving factor for you, let us know early on in the process. We might be able to direct you to an existing design that meets your needs or find an available window for you.
I'd love to use your LOFT + Collector's Shelving System, but I want to source the shelves locally to match existing millwork. Is this possible?
Yes, we can offer you two options:

  • We are happy to supply the metal portions of the shelving system, ready to assemble with your own millwork.
  • For clients that want to make sure that the shelving details remain authentic, but are concerned about matching millwork that is supplied by others, we are also happy to supply unfinished versions of our solid oak or walnut shelves, with our standard machined details for attachment. These shelves can then be finished by your team to match the rest of the installation.

You're specified on a project that I am bidding, how can I receive pricing?
The best way to get a formal quote is via our contact form! When submitting the request, please specify the following so that we can provide an accurate and competitive estimate.

  • Name of Project/Address
  • The Designer, Contractor, and Architect that specified us or who you are bidding to
  • Finish description and Amuneal finish code if you have it, for both wood and metal elements
  • A copy of the relevant drawings + details so we can see the intended application and installation requirements
  • The timing of the project, if known
  • If installation is required in the bid
  • Any other details, including take-offs, that you feel will be helpful in organizing the best package for your review

Do you have CAD/revit/rhino files you can share?
We do not routinely share these files. However, for existing clients and on certain projects we are happy to assist you with specific configurations that you can use to pull into your drawings. Once a project has been approved, we are happy to share models and renderings with you as we work though the shop drawing process.
Your materials are specified on a project I'm working on - do you supply your metal in sheets?
All of our finishes are applied once fabrication has been completed and then are sealed to protect against continued patination or corrosion. If you can use our sheets without having to cut, weld, or form them that is an option. However, in most cases we can provide you with finished components or we can apply our finish to your material. Please send us the drawings and take-offs if available for the items as specified and we will provide pricing for the intended design and application.
Who is my local rep?
Due to the custom nature of our process we support all initial project inquires directly through our Philadelphia-based team or through our New York Showroom.
Do you work in (name any country)?
Yes! We routinely ship all over the world, but at this time we do not have a showroom or retailer outside of The United States. Everything we make is made to order in our Philadelphia fabrication studio and due to the custom nature of our process we manage all inquiries from our Philadelphia and New York Locations. If you have a customs broker we can work with them, otherwise, we can handle the fees and paperwork and invoice you for it.
Where is everything made?
Everything is made to order in Philadelphia!
Do you handle installation… around the world?
We can, but we don’t have to! It depends on the complexity of the project. We ship our products with installation instructions and are happy to coordinate with your contractors or recommend an install team. We also have experience installing complex projects internationally – just let us know what works best for you!
Do you sell just your hardware or components?
We only make our proprietary hardware and detailing to accompany Amuneal made cabinetry. We do not sell individual components for our LOFT and Collector’s series.
Where can I see your products in person, or more of them in general?
Our main showroom is located at The New York Design Center! You can tour it virtually here or schedule an in-person visit. We are partnered with both Habachy Designs in Atlanta and Hammer + Spear in Los Angeles, and have various installations in private residences and public spaces across the country and around the world. Let us know where you’re located and what you would like to see and we can point you in the right direction. Also check out our Wescover Map!
If I know almost what I want, do you offer design services?
Yes! Our Sales + Design Team can make recommendations and sketch out designs based on your guidance. If you have a rough idea but need someone to help get your thoughts on paper we can connect you with our in house interior design consultant.
Can I choose from any of your finishes?
It depends on the application and location. Some finishes can only be created on flat surfaces, while others are limited to certain metal types that must live indoors. To provide some general examples:

  • We cannot create heavily mottled finishes on the round surface of our Collector’s and LOFT finishes
  • Our steel finishes should stay indoors to avoid rusting
  • A blackened brass is better suited for outdoor use than a standard gunmetal

We have over 400 hand patinaed finishes to choose from and we can make custom finishes based on your inspiration, so any look is possible. Let us know what you have in mind and we can make recommendations!

How do I get samples for my project?
You can request wood samples here and metal samples here. If you would like to request samples that you do not see as an option contact us!

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