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You may never have seen our products, but they were used to build your cell phones, to keep your flights on track, to look for oil and to help save thousands of lives around the world…

Since 1965, Amuneal has been dedicated to designing, engineering and fabricating the highest quality magnetic shielding for a wide array of the most demanding applications. Today, with over 120 employees in over 120,000 square feet we are the largest and most respected provider of magnetic shielding solutions in the country.

Our 50-year focus on magnetic shielding theory and design has made us a chosen partner for technology-based businesses looking to enhance the performance of their products. Our team of in-house magnetics experts combines with a cutting edge approach to engineering and fabrication to offer fully developed magnetic shielding strategies from initial concepts through high-volume production.

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ISO 9001

Amuneal Manufacturing Corp. is a manufacturing organization in the Philadelphia area. Since 1965, Amuneal has been serving highly technical markets, working with leaders in aerospace, electronics, cryogenics, healthcare, and research to supply cost-effective magnetic shielding strategies and products that outperform the most demanding requirements. Amuneal Manufacturing Corporation is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

ISO Certification