Commercial Electronics

Amuneal-Commercial-ElectronicsComputers, semiconductors, power supplies, and even timing devices are all uniquely affected by AC and DC currents. And as technology advances and products become smaller, there is an increasing likelihood that these products can even impact each other.

When fabricating magnetic shields for commercial electronics, our first step is always studying your specific application to design the most cost-effective solution. Our approach includes design, engineering, materials selection, and ultimately fabrication for both prototypes and high-production runs alike.

As we move into manufacturing, we are able to deliver uncompromising results by focusing on repeatable lean manufacturing processes to offer the shortest lead times in our industry.

Have a unique challenge? Please give us a call. Over the past 45 years, we have served the industry’s leaders and developed cost-effective solutions to meet the most demanding requirements.

We offer a number of standard component shields to our clients, however, our culture and capabilities allow us to manufacture and install unique custom shields ranging from prototypes and models to full-scale assemblies.