Amuneal-EMFCaused by power lines, electrical distribution equipment, broadcast antennas, and cell phone base stations, electromagnetic fields pose an uncertain threat to human health and also significantly impact the operations of computer systems and monitors, as well as advanced diagnostic equipment being utilized in hospitals, universities, and commercial and industrial environments.

At Amuneal, we are sensitive to these risks, and over the past 20 years have applied our shielding expertise to provide effective, on-site consulting and field management services for EMF mitigation. To date, we have conducted hundreds of site surveys in offices, universities, hospitals, and industrial plants throughout North America and Europe and partnered with several major utilities that were experiencing significant EMF interference.

Because of our extensive experience in EMF mitigation, we are generally able to complete EMF surveys in only one day. Using our own instrumentation, we take comprehensive field readings and evaluate electrical distribution systems and direct sources of interferences. We base our recommendations on an understanding of your operational needs and the health and well being of your people. When appropriate, they include a cost proposal that includes all portions of design, materials, and shield installation and are typically provided in 7 to 10 days of our visit.

So, whether you are already experiencing electromagnetic interference, or have concerns about the potential impacts on your organization and its operations, please don’t hesitate to call. Our comprehensive understanding of magnetic materials, proven shield configurations, and established installation techniques will allow us to develop a cost-effective solution.

We offer a number of standard component shields to our clients, however, our culture and capabilities allow us to manufacture and install unique custom shields ranging from prototypes and models to full-scale assemblies.