Our Story

My parents started Amuneal nearly 55 years ago
… to build magnetic shields.

Since our founding we have grown from a single product business to multiple divisions serving a broad audience ranging from scientists + engineers to architects + designers.

Today, with nearly 55 years of experience Amuneal is the country’s largest and most respected supplier of magnetic shielding. Our ISO 9001 certified Technical Products Division supplies shielding designs and fabrication solutions to customers on the cutting edge of research and development supporting the most demanding and sensitive electronics applications.

Our award-winning Custom Fabrication Division offers a wide range of services and capabilities to architects and designers looking for a proven partner in bringing their ideas to life. Amuneal supports bespoke custom projects from their initial design development and engineering through fabrication, and final installation. In addition to these fully custom fabrication projects, this division offers a growing selection of Amuneal designed standard and semi-custom products for the high-end residential and commercial markets.

While the business continues to evolve and expand, one constant over all of these years is that we continue to love what we do, we remain excited by each new project, and we are energized by the incredible people that we work with. Our amazing team is proud to produce each item in the same Philadelphia neighborhood where the business was founded.

Amuneal remains a family business rooted in the belief that creativity drives commerce. Our products, our capabilities and our fearless approach to collaboration have helped us redefine our business time and time again, ever since our founding.

Each product we produce is influenced by years of exploration, research, investment, and a never-ending focus on the highest quality materials, cutting edge technologies and skilled craftsmanship. The products we produce each day embody the same attention to detail, passion for quality and spirit of collaboration that have defined our brand since 1965.


— Adam Kamens, CEO