450 Seventh Ave Lobby Feature

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Commercial Interiors, feature wall, Lobby, Reception
About This Project

Case Study #70883: 450 Seventh Ave Feature Walls
Client: Kaufman Organization
Design: Design Republic
Location: New York, NY

This project was the perfect collaboration between building owner, architect and fabricator creating an installation that blurs the line between art and engineering. Inspired by dividing and defining volume with a “rigid fabric”, Design Republic turned to Amuneal to interpret their inspiration through materiality and structure.  Starting from initial inspiration images of woven and stretched fabrics, Amuneal created drawings by tracing over stretched fabric and developed digital files maintainging the organic and tensioned nature of the fabric.  The depth and shadowing created by two layers of the fabric, mirrored over one another with 6 inches of space between them to provide a  dynamic installation.

Amuneal also made the cast terrazzo, bronze and millwork reception desk for the project letting the feature wall and the sculptural light fixture be the heroes in the space, the reception desk was designed to feel more like part of the base building architecture.  Amuneal used core samples from the existing terrazzo floor to create custom cast panels that matched the existing space and were assembled on site to create a monolithic installation.