5 Penn Feature Wall

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Commercial Interiors, feature wall, Public Art
About This Project

Case Study #56568: 5 Penn Feature Wall
Client: 5 Penn Plaza
Design: Gensler, NY
Location: New York, NY

This project started with a text message and images of vintage printing plates… The architect was proposing a feature wall to celebrate the heritage of a building that was originally founded as a high volume printer. Amuneal translated this initial inspiration into a fully fabricated letterpress panel that was presented to the client.

Once approved, Amuneal began a design-build process that included the choice of text for each panel. In the end, we used text from actual articles that we were able to find from when the building was initially built. Each panel was fully engineered and fabricated by welding layers of laser-cut steel components together. The entire feature was fully assembled in-house for inspection prior to the delivery and installation of this 24′ tall x 20’ wide blackened steel feature.