Chelsea Mercantile Feature Walls - Amuneal: Magnetic Shielding & Custom Fabrication
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Chelsea Mercantile Feature Walls

All Custom, Architectural Feature, Commercial Interiors, Custom Fabrication, Feature Walls + Ceilings
Commercial Interiors, feature wall, Lobby, Reception
About This Project

Case Study #59976: Chelsea Mercantile Feature Walls + Wood Sculpture
Client: CNY Group
Design: ODA
Location: New York, NY

Amuneal made the wood, metal and glass walls in the Chelsea Mercantile lobby  in addition to the reception desk, and wood sculpture. The wood walls range from flat to rippled, maple to walnut, alternating with curved and textured metal panels with a rose finish, mottled brass surrounding the elevators, and ribbed glass and polished stainless in the mailroom.

Please bear with us as we navigate a new normal and be safe. We are committed to work with the same creativity, focus and drive that has always defined us. Our Design, Estimating, Engineering and Project Management teams are fully engaged working on both new and existing projects. Our Custom Fabrication Division is back up and running and we are open to scheduling appointments in the New York Showroom as requested!