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Collector’s Curved Corner Desk + Wall Mounted Shelving

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About This Project

Collector’s Corner Desk + 3 Bay Wall Mounted Collector’s Corner Shelving Unit

An ideal home office solution for a unique room layout, or one where you want to maximize open space! Our infinitely flexible Collector’s Series is able to be customized by size, finish, and configuration. This curved desk turns the corner around the wall, displaying the endless possibilities our Collector’s Series allows for. Make this set-up your own in a new or existing space!

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– Desk Size as Shown: 140″ W x 30″ H x 24″ Desk Depth
– Upper Shelving Size as shown: 92″ W x 61″ H x 14″ Shelf Depth
– Metal Finish Shown: Warm Brass + Blackened Steel
– Wood Finish Shown: Oxidized Oak
– Options Shown: Curved Light Bar + Shelf Railings | Warm Brass Clad Cubbies, Doors, + Drawers | Blackened Steel Hooks + Loops | Standard Letter File Drawer | Perforated Brass Privacy Panels | Brass Recessed Kick Trim