The Double Totem Sconce

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The Double Totem Sconce

The Totem Sconce takes lighting in a more sculptural direction, featuring geometric shapes which refer to those on an abacus. Oxidized oak beads are “strung” through a series of brass spacer rings, giving the lighting its unique form. Connected to a gunmetal back plate, the Totem Sconce is able to mount vertically or horizontally, giving the owner complete freedom to style as desired.

There are multiple iterations of the Totem Sconce with different formatting and sizes. As with all of our products, we are available to help you understand your design options and can assist you with a custom design for your space.

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– Size As Shown: 5″W x 66″H x 4″D
– Metal Finish Shown: Brass + Gunmetal Steel
– Wood Shown: Oxidized Oak
– Options Shown: Brass Spacer Rings, Oxidized Oak Beads, Blown Glass Globe, Environmental LED Strip Lights, Gunmetal Back Plate