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Case Study #50679 : Exhale
Client: Mikyoung Kim Design
Design: Mikyoung Kim Design
Location: Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Amuneal collaborated with artist Mikyoung Kim to create Exhale, a sculptural fountain of fog that transforms water into a cooling mist. The design is meant to represent the hydrologic cycles of the environment – the surface of the sculpture becomes the transformative moment of hydrology from liquid to a gas, cooling the temperature of the urban plaza as it evaporates into the air.  At night, the sculpture transforms the space with color and luminosity, engaging the public with a cooling amenity.

“The magic of Exhale is hidden beneath its folded and layered metal skin in an internal misting tube that releases fog through a high-pressure spray. A looped, 10-minute light show of color changing LEDs accompanies the misting sequence, creating the illusion of a living, breathing object. Laser-cut perforations are more closely spaced near the top than the bottom to give the sculpture a sense of rolling movement.

Almost fifty massive sheets of laser-cut, marine-grade stainless steel were first assembled off site and then craned in for welding on site. The final positioning and curvature of the installation were adjusted to fit the shape of the plaza’s uneven terrain.” – InHabitat