Grid Style Murphy Bed

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About This Project

Grid Style Murphy Bed

Amuneal’s iconic reimagined Murphy Bed is a patchwork grid style feature wall when closed, showcasing nuanced hand patinated wood and metal finishes, with custom display niches. It is shown here in oiled walnut and bronze, with a series of bronze clad cabinets and drawers for additional concealed storage. When opened, this unit features a headboard and recessed nightstands with integral lighting for reading your book, outlets for charging your devices, and storage or display options — this piece is like a jewelry box for your bed.

Like all of our products, the Grid Style Murphy Bed is endlessly customizable. It can be made to accommodate full, queen, and king size mattresses, and fill any size space. It can be built in to an existing wall or free stand in a space. Electronics, lighting, outlets, and charging stations can be integrated into each unit.

For more information, please give us a call: 215.516.5020

– Metal Finish Shown: Oxidized Bronze
– Wood Finish Shown: Oiled Walnut
– Size As Shown: 97” W x 96” H x 20” D (95” D when open)
– Options Shown: Recessed Lighting in Niches + Book Shelves, Display Niches + Drawer Units with Integral Pulls, Walnut Clad Nightstand Cubbies, Integrated Outlets, Fits a Queen-sized Mattress (provided by client)