Lacquer Kitchen with Collectors Shelving

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About This Project

Lacquer Kitchen with Collectors Shelving + Vista Style Cabinets

This kitchen installation, currently on display at our New York Showroom, is a great example of how our various options for custom finishes, configurations, and material options can be mixed to create a truly bespoke space. The options on display include hand-applied high-gloss lacquer cabinetry with brass inlays, Vista Style upper cabinetry in gunmetal and glass, mottled brass back splash and kick trim, solid machined brass door and drawer pulls, a soapstone counter top, and a wall mounted collector’s shelving unit with LED lightbars and wine stem holders.

For more information and to schedule a visit to see this in person please give us a call: 215.516.5020, contact us, or download our complete product catalog.

– Size As Shown: 142″ w x 108″ h x 24″ d
– Metal Finish Shown: Warm Brass Inlay | Warm Brass Collector’s Shelving | Gunmetal Stainless Steel
– Wood Finish Shown: High- Gloss Lacquer | Silvered Oak
– Options Shown: Collector’s Shelving | Stone Counter top | Vista Style Upper Cabinetry