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Large Area Magnetic Shielding, Magnetic Shielding
Large Area Magnetic Shielding
About This Project

Amuneal has extensive experience in the design, engineering and fabrication of SQUID test boxes and magnetically shielded enclosures for biomagnetism. Our unique designs have proved to be a cost effective enclosure for research applications involving humans and large animals. These enclosures have successfully been installed in North America, Europe, and Japan.

Our unique STB design was adapted by this customer for bio-magnetic research in a hospital environment to study the health effects of human exposure to magnetic fields. Identical shielded and unshielded rooms were provided to the customer. The shielded room was an enhanced STB and the other was an unshielded, ‘sham’ control room. The two rooms enabled the hospital to conduct blind studies and included provisions for non-magnetic field producing lighting and instrumentation cabling.