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2 Post Wall Mounted Loft Shelving Unit

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About This Project

2 Post Wall Mounted Loft Shelving Unit with Formed Returns

This single bay of our Loft Shelving is wall-mounted to support five shelves, using custom machined brass fittings on bent steel posts. The combination of blackened steel posts, machined and patinated brass hardware and the oxidized oak shelves make this a stunning and sculptural shelving option for any space. These shelves are fabricated in our Philadelphia-based furniture studio and can be customized with different metal and wood finishes as well as infinite shelf widths and configurations.

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– Size As Shown: 66″ W x 48″ H x 9″ D
– Metal Finish Shown: Oxidized Bronze Fittings/ Hardware + Blackened Steel Posts
– Wood Finish Shown: Oxidized Oak