New Heat Treat Capability

Magnetic Shielding, Wet Oxide Coating For Laminations
Wet Oxide Coating
About This Project

We always enjoy a challenge that involves science, engineering and fabrication, especially when we are helping a customer improve the quality of their product. When a customer came to us for help with improving a heat treatment process to apply an oxide finish on their Hiperco ® 50 Alloy rotor and stator laminations, we were eager to accept the challenge. They supplied us with samples of their current laminations and asked if Amuneal could do better? Absolutely!

Repeatability is crucial in every manufacturing process; but essential in the heat treatment of metals. Our engineers, scientists and heat treat personnel reviewed the specification and identified the variables that were leading to inconsistent results. The process requires wet air atmosphere be present in the retort. Since our magnetic shielding products require dry Hydrogen atmosphere in a contaminate free retort, we knew that using any of our retorts or fixtures for the oxide process was out of the question. The oxide process requires a much lower soak temperature than our Hydrogen annealing, as a result we were able to modify a retired retort and annealing pot for the less severe oxide process.

The oxide specification indicated a soak temperature and soak time but left the atomosphere flow rate and humidity open for interpretation. Our team designed and fabricated a humidifier to control the amount of moisture and flow rate of the atmosphere being introduced to the parts. After the initial test run, we were confident we had control of the oxide process. After the third run, our customer agreed.

Amuneal is pleased to announce we now offer wet oxide finishing as a standard heat treatment service

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