Reunion Tower Center Chandelier - Amuneal: Magnetic Shielding & Custom Fabrication
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Reunion Tower Center Chandelier

Commercial Interiors, Custom Fabrication, Public Art
Commercial Interiors, Public Art
About This Project

Case Study #52073: Reunion Tower Center Chandelier
Client: Woodbine Development
Design: Gensler
Location: Dallas, Texas

This three-story tall chandelier was designed as the feature element for the space that connects the top three levels of Dallas’ Reunion Tower. The space itself has an industrial pragmatism with exposed conduit and mechanical services. To honor the space, the chandelier was fabricated from aluminum conduit with expressed connections. However, to provide an unexpected level of refinement, each of the frosted acrylic lenses was custom machined to create a seamless transition between the conduit and the illuminated lenses.