The Bronze Wine Room - Amuneal: Magnetic Shielding & Custom Fabrication
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frankford panel system

The Bronze Wine Room

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Bars, Collector's Series, Wine Unit
About This Project

The Bronze Wine Room

Featuring our Frankford Panel Doors and Collector’s Shelving, this Wine Unit showcases Bronze double doors holding clear, low-iron tempered insulated Glass and Frankford Machined Bronze Pulls. With Lateral + Frame Collector’s Shelving which allows a 150 bottle capacity, you will certainly never run dry. The Bronze Wine Room features an Oxidized Oak Sommelier Station with a Warm Brass Clad drawer face and Collector’s Style Pull, as well as a carved depression for accessories.

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– Overall Size As Shown: 60″ W x 120″ H x 18″ D
– Size of Shelving Shown: 59″ W x 117″ H x 15″ D
– Metal Finish Shown: Bronze Doors, Warm Brass, Blackened Steel
– Type of Glass Shown: Low-Iron Tempered Insulated Glass
– Wood Finish Shown: Oxidized Oak Shelves