Under Armour Feature Stair - Amuneal: Magnetic Shielding & Custom Fabrication
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Under Armour Feature Stair

Custom Fabrication, Custom Stairs
Custom Stairs
About This Project

Case Study #53395: Under Armour Feature Stair
Client: Schimenti Construction
Design: A + I and FRCH
Location: New York, NY

Amuneal engineered, fabricated and installed this feature stair for the brand’s NYC flagship location. The forced perspective and sculptural design of the stair makes it a prominent architectural feature in the space.

The stair geometry increases in size as it makes it way to the lower level with tread widths growing to over 20’ wide. Each tread was machined with a knife-edge condition and was fully integrated into the fascia cladding and surrounding guardrails to create seamless but powerful transitions.