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Following the unveiling of Sarah Sze's "Shorter than the Day" sculpture at LaGuardia, AD Pro's Madeleine Luckel spent some time with Amuneal CEO, Adam Kamens, and tells the whole Amuneal story! From the humbly specific beginning in the technical world of Magnetic Sheilding to our...

Learn more about the "Ethereal Installation" that is "Transforming LaGuardia" in this Architectural Digest article which highlights the making of "Shorter than the Day," Amuneal's latest collaboration with New York Based installation artist Sarah Sze. "A feat of engineering, her concept required a leap of faith...

Public Art Fund presents Amuneal's collaboration with Sarah Sze "Shorter than the Day" now on view at the newly renovated LaGuardia Airport Terminal B! Sarah Sze, Shorter than the Day, 2020,Powder coated aluminum and steelCommissioned by LaGuardia Gateway Partners in partnership with Public Art Fund for LaGuardia...

Amuneal’s latest collaboration with New York based artist, Sarah Sze, was featured in a New York Times article highlighting the newly installed art in LaGuardia Airport. "Shorter than the Day," named after a line in an Emily Dickinson poem, suspends from the ceiling at the departures...

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