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On Wednesday, September 14th, Amuneal participated in the New York Design Center's annual celebration of "What's New, What's Next"! For the event, Amuneal's CEO, Adam Kamens, and long-time friend + fellow Philadelphia maker, John of John Pomp, were joined by moderator Katy Donohue, Editor in...

Join us on Thursday, September 30th in celebration of What's New What's Next 2021 at our newly renovated Showroom in the the New York Design Center! We will be kicking off the event at 4pm with "Design Developments," a panel discussion between Amuneal CEO Adam...

Amuneal is excited to take part in What's New, What's Next, Founded + curated by the New York Design Center, for our second year alongside all of the talented designers at NYDC! Our programming will be centered around the topic of Design Developments, as CEO...