Amuneal Safe-Room Door Featured in the New York Times - Amuneal: Magnetic Shielding & Custom Fabrication
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Amuneal Safe-Room Door Featured in the New York Times

Amuneal Safe-Room Door Featured in the New York Times

In their latest Special Report on Design about getting personal with customization, The New York Times includes Amuneal among custom-makers creating, “emblems of singularity that astonish the beholder and almost throb with personal meaning.”

Amuneal made this 500-pound mirror polished brass safe-room door designed by Los Angeles interior designer, Adam Hunter. The piece resides in a Nashville home, where the owners envisioned the interior theme as “Jules Verne-inspired steampunk.” The door achieves the look and style of an old-fashioned bank vault door, clad with a steering-wheel handle and bolt embellishments.

As the article mentions, “designers relish the particularity — and peculiarity — of bespoke assignments.” Here at Amuneal, we love to dig into the details of how to make these fantastic custom visions a reality.

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