Calculations & Modeling

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With the conceptual design established, calculations are required to predict how size, materials, and configuration will affect the desired shielding factor. Formulas to perform these calculations are available here. For more complex configurations, we can perform a number of proprietary algorithms to approximate the performance of your system. These algorithms cover a variety of shapes, sizes, layers, materials, operating intensities, and frequencies. After calculations, we can offer a guaranteed shielding performance, which we can validate in our in-house testing facility.

Amuneal has a core competency in the modeling of magnetic shielding strategies. Through our proprietary software, we are able to provide you with guaranteed shielding solutions as well as finite element analysis of your specific applications. When in need of the most demanding performance, our technical staff is a regular partner to the country’s leading research laboratories and high tech industries. With over 45 years of experience in the design of magnetic shields and a unique understanding of magnetic materials, we will work with you closely to create an accurate model that meets your shielding needs.

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