Amuneal-Our-Approach-Fabrication & Hydrogen Annealing

With a core competency in precision metal fabrication developed over the last 45 years we have the confidence and track record to take on the most challenging projects.

Our three Philadelphia-based facilities offer over 60,000 square feet of flexible manufacturing space. Filled with skilled machine operators, fabricators, and craftsmen alike, we balance state-of-the-art fabrication equipment and best manufacturing practices with a focus on the impact of shielding performance. Our continued investment in our staff, our equipment, and our facilities allows us to increase the depths of our product offerings and enables a systemic approach to even the most demanding applications.

We control all manufacturing operations through a networked business system that allows for real-time tracking of hundreds of in-process jobs at any given time. Our commitment to lean manufacturing principles, cutting-edge technologies, and “virtual” tooling for quick set-ups positions us as one of the most responsive partners in the industry. Our flexibility to handle prototype quantities and high-volume production runs alike is due to our unique blend of operations experts and experienced operators all working to redefine the concept of custom fabrication.

Hydrogen Annealing
The highest performing shields, like those fabricated from Amumetal and Amunickel, require a special process called Hydrogen Annealing to achieve optimum performance. Amuneal remains the only provider of magnetic shielding with this in-house capability and thus the deepest knowledge, expertise, and ability to exert complete control over this critical step.

Hydrogen Annealing should always be the final step in the manufacturing process, as any shock or vibration to the shield after annealing will degrade the material’s performance. Strict adherence to the specified annealing cycle guarantees optimum magnetic shielding characteristics by increasing the material’s permeability and shielding effectiveness by 40 times on average. After the annealing cycle, materials must be handled with care as they are extremely sensitive to shock, vibration, and stress.

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