Ceiling Mounted Collector's Shelving for 196 Leonard featured on Lonny - Amuneal: Magnetic Shielding & Custom Fabrication
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Ceiling Mounted Collector’s Shelving for 196 Leonard featured on Lonny

Ceiling Mounted Collector’s Shelving for 196 Leonard featured on Lonny

Amuneal’s Ceiling Mounted Collector’s Shelving is featured on Lonny here.  Interior Designer, Timothy Godbold, designed this 80’s inspired space for 196 Orchard  in NYC and tells Lonny what it’s all about, “They [amuneal] make some of the most incredible metal custom work I have seen in years, and everything is hand-crafted in Philadelphia.” This ceiling mounted shelving system is perfect for over a kitchen island, over a bar, or above a dining table. This is our hand patinaed Champagne Brass finish with glass shelves. Check out other shelving configurations and finishes in our shelving portfolio.

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